‘(A)Dress’, 2017-2018


alowry-2017-HomeBabies-credit GlennNorwood‘Home Babies’, detail from installation

Date: 2017

Materials: Pate de verre, flock, found objects

Dimensions: Installation dimensions vary.

Each individual dress approx: h72 x w45 x d18 cm

‘(A) dress’ opens at the Millenium Court, Portadown, on the 4th August and runs until 27th of September 2017

(A) Dress examines issues that, as a society, we are reluctant to admit happen within our midst; issues such as child abuse, rape and domestic violence. These will be investigated using the dress as a means of exploration.

The body of work I am now creating for (A) Dress, has developed from the notion that ‘the dress’ can also be used to explore more serious issues; issues that threaten or even destroy families such as rape and child abuse. As an artist working in glass, I believe that the applied arts, as well as being interesting and beautiful, can highlight and explore political and societal issues, instigate discussion and ignite debate.

(A)Dress will comprise of an installation of 9 suspended sand cast pate de verre Christening Robes, a chandelier made with assistance from Una Roddin and Andrea Spencer, a video piece made in collaboration with performance artist Jayne Cherry and a suit of armour created with Una Burke.

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