‘(A)Dress’, 2017-2018

alowry-2017-HomeBabies-credit GlennNorwood‘Home Babies’, detail from installation

Date: 2017

Materials: Pate de verre, flock, found objects

Dimensions: Installation dimensions vary.

Each individual dress approx: h72 x w45 x d18 cm


(A) Dress, Millennium Court, Portadown July-August 2017

(A) Dress examines issues that, as a society, we are reluctant to admit happen within our midst; issues such as child abuse, rape and domestic violence. These will be investigated using the dress as a means of exploration.

‘Home Babies’, 2017

Materials: sand cast pate de Verre, flocking

Installation size varies

Installation piece consisting of 9 pate de Verre Christening Robes, glass ‘birth certificates and a monologue of the children names

‘Home Babies’ examines the recent horror of the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in County Galway. In 2016, the bodies of 796 children were found ‘buried’ in a disused septic tank. These Homes were State sponsored and run by religious orders. They were widespread in Ireland right up to the late 1990’s. Pregnant unmarried girls were sent to have their babies in secret, so as to not cause their families ‘shame’. The children were subsequently taken away from them and adopted illegally, frequently to the US.

‘Cinderella’s New Normal’, 2017

Materials: fabric, flame worked glass, found objects, ceramic decals, sand carving, led lighting

Dimensions: h2.5m x w1.6m

Fabric dress produced by Una Roddin, Glass droplets by Andrea Spencer

‘A New Skin’, 2017

Materials: slumped and screen printed glass, sand carving, kintsugi, leather work, lighting

Dimensions: h90 x w48 x d40cm

Leather work by Una Burke

’35 I can’ts’, 2017

Materials: cast glass shoes, found objects, fabric, performance

Duration: 8 minutes

Performance by Jayne Cherry, Video by Stuart Calvin

‘The Unmentionables’, 2017

Materials: Mirror, screen print, photographic emulsion on glass tiles

Dimensions: h60 x w180 x d4cm

With assistance from Nexus NI

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