The Bystander Effect

the delicate balance of justice, 2021

Glass eye, human teeth, found objects, copy of research report into Mother and Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland (published 2021)

Precious, 2021

Mirrored blown glass vessel with soundscape

Glass blown by Benefield/Spencer Glass. Mirroring by Alison Lowry. Sound by Adele Johnstone


Bone china and pate de verre shoes, 2021

They all had names, 2021

Photographed performance work at Millfield Cemetery, Falls Road, Belfast

Photography by Paul Moore

Lost to Me, 2021

Videoed performance with Jayne Cherry, using vessel handblown from Benefield/Spencer Glass. Mirrored by Alison Lowry

Videography by Paul Moore

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